26 January 2010


Last night, for the fist time in my life, I actually felt like going on a walk. Honestly! They are usually not my thing--too slow and pokey and unsatisfyingly moderate as activities go. And of course, in this rare moment of walking impetus, I stepped outside to feel rain drops falling ever so lightly on my head. Damn.

In a particularly admirable turnaround, I headed back inside and embarked instead upon a postal extravaganza. With the same excitement I'd reserved for that brisk walk, I got out my pens and paper, my packing tape, my envelopes and my labels and Jay-Z and the lot of us set to work repaying my long overdue mail debts. A stack of sealed and addressed letters is staring back at me right this instant, on top of two very handsome parcels. Excuse me while I sigh softly in satisfaction.

I only got about half way through my list, truth be told, but it is a start. Now that my letter hand is back in top form, I plan to address the rest of them soon enough and maybe launch some debts in my favor. And as long as this rainy season keeps up, it looks as though I'll have plenty of openings in my schedule.

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