22 October 2008


Miriam bought these little tools at Thriftown a couple months ago and they are such a handsome pair. I thought so, anyway. Somehow I feel like they might be useful in gutting all those persimmons around lately. Not in a vicious way, of course.

17 October 2008

From Miriam's Garden

mr. tomato head

A funny little tomato man, he has quite the nose we decided and snapped a quick one before he turned into salsa. Poor old guy.

16 October 2008


quinoa flora

Oh, welcome to the new blog! I will not aspire to be specific with it, but promise to include the myriad of subjects I seem to cling to, however ephemerally, in one grand curation of words and images. Since now my friends are truly scattered across the countryside, this will help maintain an illusion that we live around the block from one another, yes? A more accessible address than the one on 33rd Street here in Oakland. Now I can say, "you know where to find me," and other such tropes. So. Shall we?