23 January 2010

Back on Course

Well. Did you miss me? I rather missed myself.


More than two months have happened since I checked in here, so bear with me while I remember how to write about it. In sum: I suffer from a disorder by which I constantly imagine that I am capable of doing more than is actually possible. In the broadest sense, I've thought for much of my adult life that I will hold no fewer than seven simultaneous careers with wild success, as a matter of course. And in the smaller sense, day-to-day, I also imagine that I might sleep 9 hours every night, perform 24 hours of projects during every day, and also relax in between. I'm just ambitious.

Over the hiatus from marymaker, I applied to eight Master of Architecture Programs, drove up the coast of California to Portland for a week of vacation, celebrated John's birthday, compiled a portfolio, finished up my class in drawing at Berkeley City College and went back to Wisconsin for the Christmas holiday. Through it all, I've managed to work at my job and eat and sleep. Truly, it felt like the greatest magic trick of all time.


Still wet.

Now that all of that has passed, I still have some craziness up my sleeve. Classes in physics and architectural history, freelance sewing projects and this weekend--filing my FAFSA.


But. I've made some resolutions for 2010, to limit my commitments so I may do the things I'm doing, only better and with more focus. At least that's the goal.


Sara said...

I love reading your blog, so nice to see this post :)

Emily Glaubinger said...

you forgot to mention morally supporting your friends all the while. you go, sister.

Carrie Collins said...

awe... glad youre back