28 November 2008

No turkey for me, but...

My Thanksgiving was dogful! This is Electra wearing one sweet dogbanna.

26 November 2008



I finally tested out Suey's advice and made something from a pattern. Off-season, perhaps, I wore these shorts to a pinups and greasers party last weekend with some tights and they were awesome. I'm particularly proud of the detailing in the pockets and on the little tie ups.



15 November 2008

November Romance

These are some photos I took at the Johanssen Gallery opening last weekend. The entire mood of that place was transfixing; bluegrass music played on 78's atop a homemade, milkcrate turntable floated in and out of the little rooms and the grins in that room meant we were all tangled up in the same romance. For an opening, to create such an intimacy--even an artificial one--is something that gallery should be proud of.

Who knew splotches could be so intoxicating?

08 November 2008


I feel like I'm forever noticing things in my city and always wish I had a pocket in which to place them.

I think I just see the buildings as regular characters, the kind who are very watchful in the plot, all-knowing and nosy. They hint at the ending because they've been part of the same song and dance for years. This one is on 23rd Street between Broadway and Telegraph in Oakland, California.

And would you please get a load of these eggs?