21 October 2009

Birthday, Girl: the Party

It seemed logical to just go ahead and wait another eleven October days to post pictures from my birthday party. It did take us two whole days just to finish all the dishes, after all! I always take hosting to next level, wear myself out entirely and overfeed everyone. I made a spreadsheet for cooking and brought home groceries from four different stores. But it was worth it. I love having parties.

I'll make mention of the menu here, which was mostly made in house, with several crucial contributions from especially well-mannered friends, attributed where appropriate.

For the liver:

Tamarind Whiskey Sours

For the belly:

Macaroni & Cheese, featuring Velveeta, my grandma's famous recipe

Rainbow Coleslaw with Buttermilk Dressing

Kobucha Squash salad with spring greens & roasted red onions tossed in a cilantro walnut dressing.

Homemade veggie brats

Grilled potatoes

8 hour marinated tofu log

Tarts of caramelized onions and fennel seed

Homemade caramel sauce and fresh apples

Meats for grilling, of various kinds and shapes (Various)

Stuffed mushrooms (JayDee)

Artichoke Spinach bake dip (Marianne)

Pumpkin chocolate chip bundt cake (Marianne)

Sweet potato salad (Jen)

And last but not least, almond coconut cupcakes with blackberry buttercream frosting. (Miriam)

I think it's safe to say no one went hungry, even after giving our new backyard ping pong setup a thorough workout. And we got party hats to make everyone look funny, which seemed like more fun.
It worked.

ps. Jen was better at taking pictures than me, so a lot of these are hers. She also has a whole lot of them here.


Colin Leaman said...


Mary said...

What an excellent dual post! Sort of a birthday themed video, but also a response to my question.

I almost wish it were in more slow motion.

Emily said...

is that ping pong table a permanent addition to the yard?!?!?!?

Mary said...

Yes ma'am, it is.

Gerik Forston said...

yEah! tofu log!! how did it turn out?

Leigh said...

Oh that menu is delicious!!

Emily Glaubinger said...

im so sad i was not there. can we recreate this feeling in a more intimate setting with maybe just me you and dom and perhaps make some cake and eat the whole thing?