13 October 2009

Checking In

Hi there. It's been more than a little while since I was here, I realize. Looking back through some of the highlights of the past three weeks, I don't have much to offer in the way of simple explanations or worthy excuses. I've been trying to break some bad internal habits of dealing with stress in order to find a more healthy routine that is manageably balanced and also exciting and progressive. While I haven't arrived there just yet, I feel like I've tread the first several steps. And to do that meant taking a deep breath and letting go of this for a few weeks while I got my sea legs.

This week is the beginning of my four day work week. Four day! Work week! Which hopefully means I'll be posting more regularly again, fingers Crossed. I have plenty to fill you in on from the last little while, but to tide you over til tomorrow, I thought I'd share a quick picture from my birthday party this weekend.

I turned 25. It would seem that I'm growing up.


Gerik Forston said...

having a steady jobby-job and the wisdom of a quarter-century will make anyone feel old... boo to that, but congrats on beating California Unemployment!!!

Mary Casper said...

I agree! California unemployment turned out to a bigger animal than I'd imagined existed.