30 October 2009

Oh yes.

And I forgot to tell you about how this year I got so many birthday presents. Truly, a full recap should follow because it felt like Christmas in October (I'm fairly sure that's what heaven will be: alternating months of Christmas and October, forever, bliss!) (Where again did I find such nice friends? I have no idea.) And oh yes, as I was saying, I'll get to all the nice things I got for my birthday from other people, but the spendiest one was the one I bought for my self, happy birthday to me, and it arrived only last weekend in the mail. Shiny and fancy and new: a Canon T1i.

Still getting used to it, but look! Oooh la la.


Emily said...

oooh...no wonder the bakery photos looked so dang profesh.

can't wait to see you and bestow more presents!!!

Mary Casper said...

Eeep! MORE presents?!