02 May 2009

May Day Anniversaire

1 May is not only a holiday of the International, it's also a more personal holiday around our little house: the anniversary of the day John and I met. We've always smiled a bit at the coincidence, our political tendencies and whatnot, but it certainly does make the date easy to remember. We both balk when asked how long we've been dating. Five Years! Seems long, but feels pretty short actually. I suppose time flies when you're having fun.

In our low budget way, we celebrated yesterday amidst a drizzly afternoon: breakfast sandwiches for two, a tandem ride to go get milkshakes, an old James Bond movie in the middle of the afternoon, The Best Thai food and then out to the Paramount for a show of Notorious, the seldom screened Hitchcock film starring Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant. You should catch that movie if you can, by the way, it's great. All around it felt like a grand holiday. John took the whole day off homework, which around now in the semester is no easy feat. And milkshakes! Obviously an occasion. Getting caught in the rain even seemed sort of fun.

Sorry to be a little mushy today, guys, normally I'll keep it more business around here. Do forgive.

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Emily said...

happy may day and love day to you both! i heart you guys.