06 May 2009

Flaw in Marketing

I'm not sure if I'm the only curmudgeon to catch this, but the folks who orchestrate Bike To Work Day & Bike to Work Week might have reconsidered the name of their cycle holiday this year. You know, in light of the rising unemployment rate? Here in S.F. I know there are plenty of people participating/celebrating the event, but no one's acknowledging that Bike to Work might be more aptly titled "Bike to Play" or "Bike to the Grocery Store" or "Bike to Not Work", to put it bluntly.

In the Great Depression, do you think something like this, a holdover from the Roaring Twenties, er...Booming Nineties, would catch on? Okay, okay, it's not THAT bad. But a little tip of the hobo hat to those of us who Can't Bike To Work, much as we'd like to, would be appreciated. As it is, I'm feeling a bit cynical myself. Maybe that just means I should get more involved?

1 comment:

Gerik Forston said...

hmm, perhaps that is a bit cynical.
maybe they dont mean "cycle to your place of employment today" so much as "[get your] bike to work [properly] today"?

or maybe not...