06 March 2009

Representing Places

LOVE THESE geographic sorts of pieces. Especially the St. Petersburg one, which is a unique, geographically accurate map of Russia's literary capital, created entirely from quotes by Russian authors writing about St. Petersburg. It would look lovely in any room of any house.

"The Literary St. Petersburg" Illustration by Vera Evstafieva and Andrew Biliter, 2009.

"The Fifty United States and their Mottos" Emily Wick, 2008


Emily said...

oh poor delaware...i zoomed in on the image as much as my computer would allow and still couldn't make out the motto! it's probably just "the first state." sigh.

these also kind of reminded me of the "history of disobedients" people map that is hanging in our living room...

Anonymous said...

Here is Delaware:


Mary Casper said...

i love the history of disobedients map in our old living room, I wish I had a picture of it actually.

And thanks Anon. for the Delaware blow up! Emily is from DE, along with some other fine people we love in Philadelphia and though small in area, it is not small in heart!