09 March 2009

Cupcake For Your Troubles

Turning in job applications for food places & retail spaces, I often feel pressure to purchase something while handing off a resume as a matter of course. The times I haven't done this, I feel like I may as well drop the crisply printed copy of my sum experience into the trash can instead.

On Thursday I went to apply at Love At First Bite, a small cupcakery in Berkeley and following my usual regimen, ordered a coconut cupcake while applying for their recently posted counter position. To my pleasant surprise, Pat (the bakery's owner & very nice lady) offered me a complimentary cupcake in exchange for my application. As by now I've learned, this is not customary in other such places and I so appreciated her respectful gesture, a subtle nod to my lack of income, that I tipped her a dollar. The little exchange put me in a lovely mood the rest of the day.

By the way, that 80's-issue athletic themed Pee-Chee folder is my new resume holster and I rather like it...

**EEK! Not five minutes after posting, Pat called me for an interview....EEK!


Gerik Forston said...

whoa! good luck!

just out of curiosity, is the formula
buy cupcake, hand over resume
resume, cupcake?

Mary Casper said...

It's the latter: buy cupcake, then mention you're also looking for a job. Butter them up, no pun intended...

Lauren said...

oh do keep us updated on that sweet (heh) prospect!!!