11 March 2009


As in, bundle of sticks! Isn't this one model-esque? We were making plant markers from old things in Miriam's old garage. They're tied together with one of those cords that keeps your glasses hanging safely around your neck, which we found on the ground in that old garage. Inexplicably, it made a very picturesque bundler. And this is me transporting them home atop my newly fashioned front rack (thanks to kurt!) which makes me unstoppable when it comes to hauling.

**those are shasta daisies on the back end that someone at the Temescal Community Garden was getting rid of. Quite the load.


Miriam Lakes said...

That's it - fag. I knew it was something like that...
Oh sticks.

Miriam Lakes said...

Oh, and it's fascism. Fascism translates to a bundle of sticks. Kind of the same as communism, right?