14 March 2009

Gardening Updates

Friday seems to be my gardening day lately. As a person who can't exactly claim any rights to a weekend, per se, as I currently don't work any regular job...I think its funny that somehow on this day I always have lots of energy for digging and planting, but there you have it. I planted all my in-ground starting seeds and all my starters in one day, removed several sizeable roots and transplanted several inedibles into a newly designated flower bed. The seedlings are coming along, but man. Slow-ly.

My gardening gloves have been getting a workout and they got a little soggy so I hung them up to dry out. I love how their soiled fingertips up the contrast in the photo.

The bright red dusting you see in the last photo is cayenne pepper, purchased in bulk, to deter the neighborhood cats from burying their turds in with my seeds. While I know manure makes an excellent fertilizer, I'm not quite ready to bow to that biological cycle and just deal with it. Gardening shouldn't be smelly, I happen to think.

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Emily said...

just send john to poop out there!