02 March 2010

I'm With Stupid

Sometimes, John and I totally lose it. We're both really busy right now--he with the regular rigor of graduate school and me with the regular chaos that chases me around--so that when we take communal breaks from our respective work...all bets are off. Sometimes we gossip about the cats in our neighborhood. Sometimes we make jokes about who is the smart one and who is the funny one. And other times, well other times, the only thing in the fridge are two dozen eggs and we do really pretty ridiculous things while trying to figure out dinner.

I finished a really exciting project over the weekend, but because it's in the mail to someone, I want to wait to post until it's been received. Please stay your appetite for fun with these funny pictures until then.


Cathy C-S said...

Mary, thanks for the smiles -- and the update on my son's (and your) serious doings in grad school. Love all the photos from Portland, too.

Cathy C-S

Emily said...

ryan got the package! i'm ready for the awesome post!!!!!!!