28 June 2009

The Wedding of Colin & Sarah

The impetus for our trip! It deserves its own post, I have to say, so here it is. I'm just going to use photos because weddings are a bit, er, self-explanatory. But before I do, I must extend a virtual high five to Andrew and Whitney, some of the most fun people I've come across in my adult life; and to Ben and Katherine, who were impeccably dressed and completed the trifecta which made ours the second best table at the wedding.

ps. Here are my tired feet in the light of Lauren's room after returning home. Congrats to Colin & Sarah, who both looked beautiful in a gray suit and old fashioned lace gown, respectively, despite my camera's focus on the friends at our table.


Joanna Goddard said...

so beautiful! i love these!!! the flowers are gorgeous, too. xoxo

Mary Casper said...

These were just amateur photos, but thanks!