07 April 2009

At it Again

As part of my overarching plan to win people over by baking them things, I took this cake to our neighbor, Marianne's Palm Sunday party this Sunday. It's a double ginger sour cream bundt cake, which christened my bundt pan, and it's served with ginger infused strawberries and fresh mindt...er...mint.

It's pretty tasty! You can't see it in the photo but there's also a demerara sugar crust on the outside which made for such a nice texture. No slumpy bundty cakes here.

Marianne always has the best food at her parties, so I was just hoping it wouldn't shrink in comparison. And since it didn't, I think that makes it a keeper. Also, I've declared neighbor hosted parties to be the best thing since sliced bread because you can wear high heels to the party and not die and then go home to swap them out and still hang out and help with the dishes. Seriously! Your own fun, talented, hilarious neighbor should host something along those lines, don't you think?

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