11 February 2009

Ultimate Combination

At a spaghetti dinner on Friday night I spotted the most amazing appliance. I didn't even know this existed! It seems so genius in fact, that I assumed I was dreaming until I took a picture of it and it actually showed up on film! See, no ghost:

If I had a job and a spot to put it, I'd totally buy one.


bikeville said...

from all I read, it does not really work that well. doesn't wash clothes too well and doesn't dry too well.

The inventor must have been flying to close to the sun! it is a great idea, but I guess as a good friend likes to say - "toooo sooon."

waiting for the washer/dryer to catch up to the Dyson.

Emily said...

kate told me that in japan washers & dryers are often seen cozy-ing up in one tidy appliance package. big surprise, huh?