05 February 2009

par avion

Today was a real doozy as they go. I woke up on the late side, which I hate, to an overcast, threatening sky. Then our internet was mysteriously broken and the man from the phone company says no help is to be had until Wednesday next! No sort of motivation for those of us prone to overwhelming.

And so I headed out. Peeking out of the mailbox was a long promised parcel from Lila of Scotland, a perfectly square padded envelope containing what I knew to be a CD and a letter: a time honored combo, my dear friend has perfected. I waited to open it until I arrived at Mama Buzz and it was as I had hoped, the perfect remedy to my ho-hum day.

Since then I've had some promising news on the job front, which I will not convey until I can confirm it (I know better by now). The sun has even begun to peek out and the mix is pretty great, as they go.

PS. Happy February 5, you all.

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