12 July 2009

Like That

Although we've been undertaking plenty of projects lately, we've also taken whole days off to relax in honor of the various mid summer holidays, including the Fourth of July, Pride weekend and the like. These swatches of uninterrupted leisure time have yielded a few photos here and there, but very little to report. Mostly I think, with my new routine of steady employment, I'm more comfortable putting my feet up and sitting in the sunshine than I have been in quite a while.

As anyone who has struggled with the cruel ritual of job hunting can tell you, the hardest part about not working is not the lack of paycheck. Not the depression. Not the feeling that you're less than human. But rather the feeling that you never stop working, that there's no end in sight, that you're constantly engaged in the process of sending out resumes and waiting for responses and hoping. That standing obligation to convince others of what you know you can do is one of the more exhausting conditions of nowaday.

And so I find myself in the very middle of summer, with a rather lovely excuse to stop all of that, for the first time in a year. I find myself feeling more like myself again, a person who lives to enjoy the present tense. Working, sometimes, is a beautiful thing like that.


mayuu said...

so happy for you.

Colin Leaman said...


(what job did you get?)