02 January 2009

Old Friends

I finally got around to scanning some of the analog photos that I've taken recently. I'm a baby when it comes to knowing how to use a camera, so my success rate is still rather low. So these are nothing special probably to photo buffs, but I feel pretty happy about them. At least in terms of bringing a satisfied feeling for catching something on film, they have achieved it. These come from several rolls of film, the first several from my last dog days of Philadelphia, one from the day of my birthday and one that I've been lugging around here and there and that captured those two of Lauren and Sofi at Dolores Park.

**The ring on that is from the magnet which hangs this one to my refrigerator.oops.


Taking pictures is a new hobby, I expect to post more soon.


Lauren said...


Colin Leaman said...

i have to say, this post got me a little misty eyed.