23 December 2008


So, those who know me know that I actually pretty much love christmas cards. I forgot to document the ones I made for everyone this year from old photos and recycled heavy paper. I am now home to the Snowiest Wisconsin I've ever seen and my mom had the best seasonal party invite on her fridge. It makes me smile every time I look at it. This photo is a little weak, I couldn't focus on the words and the picture at once, what with it's festive glossy finish, but you should get the drift:

My mom's friends Joe & Joe host a famous holiday party each year and this is the invitation. The story goes, that Joe asked for a Ken doll year after year for Christmas but would never find one under the tree. Eventually she did buy him one, but only after much resistance. That is a ken doll in the little boy's hand and the name of the party beside it:

Everything You Want For Christmas

In this month of Milk and the passing of Prop 8, this invitation so eloquently breaks my heart.

Happy Day Before The Day Before, you all.

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